Mirror Indicate

Mirror Indicate

Successful Kickstarter campaign brought this innovative cycling gadget to life.

Cycling can be dangerous, especially in cities and towns. Inadequate cycling lanes mean that cyclists are exposed to motorised traffic, and so anything to make things safer for cyclists should be welcomed.

Mirror Indicate (or Mi) is a simple concept, an indicator and mirror in one, fastened to the rider’s hand, to warn motorists of a right turn.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Shatterproof
  • LED lights (60 Lumens each)
  • British made

Mirror Indicate on hand

Mirror Indicate on test

There’s not much to set up for this device. The batteries are already fitted and the indicator itself is operated by a magnet that is Velcroed to the handlebars of the bike. Touching the indicator (or even swaying it over) the magnet, activates the amber LED lights which start flashing – making it easier for motorists to see when the cyclist is turning.

I was worried that the Mi would get in my way, or impede my hand movements  – there is a Velcro strap which allows you to fasten the Mi to your hand so it sits just behind your knuckles. The strap is long enough to allow for wearing gloves, and before long I was unaware of the indicator. I was worried too, that it might fall off, but again, I had no issues with this when wearing the Mi.

What the Mi did tell me was how few right turns I do on my cycle commute – just four over a 7k distance. Of course, it’s not just an indicator, it’s a mirror too, and by bringing your hand up, you can see traffic behind you. This takes a bit of getting used to – but once mastered, it is a better method than a fixed bike mirror, as you can adjust where you look as you go. In addition, fixed mirrors often have blind spots or can get knocked. I did still find myself turning around or glancing to the side – I feel that this makes motorists more aware of my presence. However, having your hand up to use the mirror probably has the same effect.

Mirror Indicate at night

Before long, I thought, I should just keep the light flashing – I mean, it would save me from having to touch the magnet every time I turned right, wouldn’t it? There is a safety cut off though, and the light only flashes a few times before switching itself off. I guess this is a good idea, as it saves batteries, and stops motorists from thinking you might be turning right all the time… The drawback is that if you are sitting at a junction for a while with your arm outstretched, the light will eventually switch itself off, meaning you need to reactivate it.

For me, anything that allows cyclists to see and be seen, as well as improving safety is great. I have been using this throughout the winter months, and although at first I found it slightly annoying as yet another thing to attach to me – it has become like the more common safety devices we all take for granted – such as helmets and hi-viz clothing. Of course, the product can be worn on either hand – whatever suits you.

Changing the batteries is a simple process, and an Allen key is supplied for this purpose.

I would have liked to see a small pouch included, to protect the Mi when not in use. I made the mistake of putting it in one of my pannier pouches (where I also store loose change), and the acrylic mirror did get a bit scratched.

Mirror Indicate, RRP: £44.95 (reduced to £29.95 for a limited time)



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