Keela Hivis Dog Coat

Keela Hivis Dog Coat

Affordable, waterproof jacket from clothing expert.

All dog lovers will know that when their four-legged friend gets wet, they can be a bit harder to love. You know what I mean – that smell of wet dog! 

So I was interested to try this dog jacket from Scottish outdoor clothing brand Keela, to see how it measures up.

Keela already equip mountain rescue teams with clothing to withstand the harshest of weathers, and this dog jacket was a byproduct of that partnership. Dogs are crucial to search and rescue missions in the mountains, and Keela created hi-viz waterproof jackets for the teams’ dogs too. 

Hivis Dog Coat features

  • Waterproof
  • S-XL
  • Reflective highlights
  • Adjustable neck fastening
  • Loops to attach a light

On test

So, this coat comes in fluorescent yellow and orange only – for obvious reasons. It makes it easy for you, and others, to spot your dog – especially at night – thanks to the reflective strips on the back and sides.

Once you’ve adjusted the neck strap, you can slip the jacket over your dog’s head, and tighten to fit. There’s one body strap with a buckle that passes under the belly of the dog, and clips shut. And that’s it. You’re ready to go for a walk in the pouring rain!

There are two elasticated loops at the top of the jacket, and these are for attaching a light to. Apparently the mountain rescue teams use glow sticks, and these can be inserted into these loops and then tied off with a short cord which is sewn into the jacket. I guess you might be able to attach other things such as a GPS device or maybe even a camera. There is also a transparent pocket at the rear of the jacket, in which you could place your dog’s details. The last feature is inside the jacket – a Velcro pocket – for inserting a fleece to keep the dog warmer. Keela don’t sell this as an accessory yet, so you’d have to make one yourself for the time being.

Keela Hivis dog coat

I have a Springer spaniel called Ruby and she’s around 16 kilos, so I chose a size medium for her. This was a good fit and anything smaller wouldn’t have worked. 

Once on, as she moved about, the jacket had a tendency to slip to the side, so I adjusted the straps a bit more. Personally, I think two underbelly straps would work better on a jacket like this, but it was secure at least. 

Another point is that the dog’s belly is still exposed – so this area will still get wet. 

It’s fine when your dog is off the lead, or if your dog has a collar, but many dog owners prefer harnesses, and it would be tricky to use this jacket when your dog is wearing one, as the lead tends to be fastened to the top of the back.

I loved the bright colour, and it would be hard to lose your dog wearing one of these. No wonder the Mountain Rescue Teams use them, as dogs would be easy to spot in the hills. 

In a heavy shower, the rain just rolled off the jacket. I am guessing it’s the same material that they use for human jackets. Ruby came home pretty dry. What’s not to love about that!?

Keela Hivis Dog Coat, £35

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