EDZ merino flannel shirt

EDZ merino flannel shirt

This easy-care shirt is great for the trails but also for a drink in the pub afterwards.

EDZ is based in Cumbria and uses merino wool in all its products – from mittens to underwear. I have a few items in my wardrobe, so when this shirt showed up I was very keen to try it. I have a couple of pure wool shirts, and they are great for keeping warm, but the downside is that they need drycleaning. This new flannel shirt from EDZ is 100% merino wool, but it can be washed in the washing machine!

Merino wool is a great product for active people – it wicks and absorbs moisture, so even if you do get a bit sweaty on a walk, you will remain warm – unlike some synthetic materials. You can wear merino for days on end, and it won’t smell. This is useful if you are travelling, and also saves on washing. 

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At first glance, the fabric looks and feels much smoother to the other woollen shirts I own. I always have to wear a t-shirt under those shirts, but this shirt was smooth and fine enough to wear directly next to my skin. It didn’t feel prickly at all. 


  • 100% merino wool
  • Machine washable at 30ºC
  • 185g fabric weight
  • Buttons made from palm nuts

I am normally a medium, and this fitted me perfectly – in the neck and sleeves. It is very long in the body, so has a decent tail – covering your bum and keeping that warm too, whether you choose to wear it out, like an overshirt, or tuck it in to make it more formal. The shirt has two buttoned patch pockets – not quite large enough for my wallet, but good enough to take my spectacles. I found the collar a bit small, and it didn’t seem to sit right for me, but that is nit picking really. 

I took the shirt on a recent trip to Orkney where I was expecting it to be blowing a hooly – only to be welcomed by balmy sunshine. It performed well in the warm weather actually, keeping me quite cool, but when the wind did get up, it was dense enough to keep me warm.

It has been through the wash just once, and came out almost dry with almost zero wrinkles – so that’s a real bonus. The EDZ website states that you should avoid using pegs if drying on a line, as when the material is damp, it is vulnerable to damage. The pesky collar still didn’t sit quite right after the wash, so I had to break out the iron (not something I do often) to help it back into shape. 

I’ve worn this on long cliff top walks and it’s been very comfortable in all conditions. I love that the shirt can be a casual overshirt on a hike, but tucked in can be smart enough for a night out in the pub.

EDZ plaid merino flannel shirt. S-XXXL
Comes in solid colours and short sleeves too. £89.99

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