Odlo Kanon running shorts

Odlo Kanon running shorts

Practical, showerproof shorts for the street or the trail.

When you’re running canicross with your dog, you need to wear a waist belt, similar to a climbing harness, meaning leg loops, which – let’s be honest – look a bit weird around the crotch area. When I first took up the sport, I wore lycra leggings and a skimpy pair of shorts on top to spare my modesty. But as the weather got warmer, I needed to dispense with the leggings and, well, the skimpy shorts were a bit too skimpy for a man of my years.

The Odlo Kanon shorts have a pair of legging shorts built into the outer shorts, keeping all your bits in place, and with the added benefit that the shorts are a bit longer, meaning those pesky leg loops don’t make you look that strange.

The fabric is supposed to be ‘thermoregulated’, but on really hot days I got a bit sweaty, as there just isn’t the air circulation of, ahem, skimpier shorts. Still – I do like them – for all the reasons mentioned above, and they have a neat wee zipped pocket at the back (car key only I’m afraid), and the outer shorts are reasonably showerproof. Come in a variety of colours, and if you shop around you can get them much cheaper than the list price.

Odlo Kanon running shorts £55.

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